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To succeed, you must know what drives your business’ top-line revenues and which bottom-line factors maintain or improve profitability. Revenue management is essential but can be challenging for business owners with other responsibilities.

Exaltaret is a revenue management consulting firm that offers end-to-end revenue management services for B2B organizations. Our industry professionals use an effective and streamlined sales activation process to help your company achieve high-velocity sales. We also use our experience to help you manage and assess your revenue cycle to make necessary changes for long-term growth.

The Importance of Revenue Management Consulting for Your Business

Revenue management is the practice of implementing a strategy to optimize a business’s processes to drive additional revenue and higher profitability.

For a successful revenue management operation, you must balance several factors, including marketing efforts, lead generation, and sales of products or services, to ensure that maximum profit. Without an effective revenue growth strategy, your business may be missing out on exponential scalability and operate at a loss.

Businesses are turning to revenue cycle management consulting firms like Exaltaret to bolster sales and drive long-term success. As a sales strategy consulting firm, we offer laser-focused revenue strategy services to increase your leads and revenue from sources your company may not have tapped into yet.

Exaltaret Delivers Growth

Forming business partnerships with a lead generation expert like Exaltaret will allow your company to develop a healthy sales pipeline with qualified leads. Choose us as your lead generation partner and we will help you improve the client’s purchasing journey, boost brand recognition, and drive conversions.

Exalterat generates organic client interest through a combination of inbound marketing, sales enablement, and account-based marketing (ABM) strategies. By focusing on both ABM and inbound marketing, Exalteret helps B2B companies improve their lead generation rates and ensure these leads are converted and nurtured into revenue or other growth opportunities.

The Sales Team You Need

With Exaltaret’s revenue management consulting services, you can trust that experts will help your company boost profit so that your internal team can focus on other priorities.

Our consultants will research, analyze and strategize the best ways to optimize your processes and procedures to drive higher profitability. Some of the benefits of having Exaltaret on your side as your revenue management consulting expert include:

Minimization of fixed costs

Maximize value for customers

Increase lead generation and conversions

Help your management team focus on revenue improvement

Gather and analyze data to make real-time changes

Exaltaret’s Revenue Management Consulting Services

Exaltaret’s revenue management and consulting services prioritize sales strategy and end-to-end execution. Our test-and-learn approach is what will help us assess and maximize value for your customers and your bottom line.

End-to-End Sales Execution

Exaltaret takes an organization-wide approach to sales consulting, working closely with clients to understand their short and long-term financial goals. Using this collaborative approach, we can identify new market activation opportunities, determine peripheral channels, and craft suitable, personalized marketing strategies.

Through holistic revenue consulting, Exaltaret can help your business create an organizational architecture that drives growth.

Strategy and Sales Planning

Exaltaret’s organization-wide approach allows us to drive new growth opportunities from first contact to close. Our sales development consultants will work with clients to determine resources focused on pipeline creation and identify and implement methodologies to turn leads into sales.

Excellent Customer Experience

Our clients make data-driven decisions based on our reports and personalized attention from our team members. We can customize reports based on data and insights required to manage your business whenever you need them. You can reach out to our team members for guidance with understanding your reports.

We can help your business generate sustainable growth by discovering your gaps and finding a solution to meet them.

Our Flagship 4-Step Sales Activation Process

We approach your business using a process called “Quadruple D with a T.” Your Exaltaret business transformation consultant discovers your needs and designs a plan to improve business performance. We ensure this is an actionable plan, getting your team on board.

1. Sales Operations

We will conduct extensive research to thoroughly understand the client’s offering and ideate what your sales strategy and revenue management could look like, who the right prospects are, where they may be, and how we can best reach them.

The time and effort put into this process are crucial, and much of it will inform the program's success.

2. Market Pilot

Mike Tyson once said, “Everyone has a plan…until they get punched in the mouth” – The question is, how do you adapt your plan when you get punched in the mouth? With Exaltaret, you can expect a sales strategy that is adaptable, scalable and efficient.

The first months are critical for market tests. We will start by exploring the market and executing meetings with your knowledge experts. At this stage, we focus on building a trusting relationship with our client, and we will begin designing and running the first iteration of our revenue growth strategy. With Exaltaret, you can expect results early and often. Explore our case studies.

3. Reporting

This stage looks at the efficacy of the current revenue growth strategy. To figure out what’s working and what isn’t, Exaltaret provides weekly reporting and cadence calls to ensure every team collaborates effectively.

Results mean everything in sales, so we ensure that our reporting allows your business to see progress in both management team updates and internal reporting. We can provide results ad hoc as necessary, or they can live in your CRM. Read more about our reporting style here.

4. Review and Accelerate

After three months, we take a step back to assess how the revenue strategy is performing. Both management teams discuss the next steps for a successful program at this stage. Once we have reached a united decision, the acceleration and velocity phase of the program can begin: expect to pull, qualify, and convert leads at your highest rates to date.

How Exaltaret Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

When you partner with Exaltaret as your revenue cycle consultant, we will take your business to new heights with our threefold strategy involving analyzing and optimizing your sales and organizational structure and training and retaining high performers.

Sales Strategy

Revenue strategy
Asset analysis and audit
New market opportunities and repositioning
Budget creation
Sales and pricing strategy
Revenue management optimization


Organizational structure strategy
System and software consulting
Channel strategy development
Multi-department engagement
Marketing integration, eCommerce, and channel management
Organization-wide business and marketing strategy analysis

Maximize Resources and Boost Profitability

Exaltaret’s end-to-end revenue cycle management consulting services have helped clients in various industries meet and far exceed their goals. We help clients by delivering result-oriented services, driving growth, and identifying new opportunities.

Prepare for High-Velocity Growth with Exaltaret

You can look forward to accelerated growth when you partner with a revenue management and strategy consulting company like Exaltaret. Get in touch now to learn more about how we can help your business reach new heights.

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