Exaltaret Ventures

Venture Capital at Exaltaret

The Value Proposition:

Direct investment to help drive your growth

Tailored guidance for your product, industry, and lifecycle stage

A tangible reference point for other prospective investors and partners

Exaltaret is a full-service revenue advisory firm helping organizations drive value through sales and analytics.

We launched Exaltaret Ventures as a new way to support our early-stage partners through the critical moments in their growth journey. We do this by combining direct investment with bespoke guidance based on our experience across industries. Investment from Exaltaret drives growth directly and also acts as a tangible reference point for other prospective investors and partners.

Exaltaret Delivers Growth

Forming business partnerships with a lead generation expert like Exaltaret will allow your company to develop a healthy sales pipeline with qualified leads. Choose us as your lead generation partner and we will help you improve the client’s purchasing journey, boost brand recognition, and drive conversions.

Exalterat generates organic client interest through a combination of inbound marketing, sales enablement, and account-based marketing (ABM) strategies. By focusing on both ABM and inbound marketing, Exalteret helps B2B companies improve their lead generation rates and ensure these leads are converted and nurtured into revenue or other growth opportunities.

How We Invest

We are entrepreneurs like you, and we bring that same mentality to investing. Our team understands how vital fundraising is for a founder, and that speed and flexibility are of the utmost importance. We are stage and industry agnostic… the most important factor is how Exaltaret can add value to your mission and boost your sales prospects.

Is Exaltaret Ventures a Fit for You?

We focus our investing efforts on the same industries where we have the deepest expertise – Fintech, Software, and Professional Services. We find Exaltaret Ventures can add the most value to teams generating $1-$50M in annual revenue today, who are seeking to accelerate their growth.

The more complex your product and target market, the more we can help. Reach out - we are here to break through your growth challenges together.

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Our team at Exaltaret remains focused on aligning with our partner’s sales prospects and growth potential better than any other investor. Our Ventures arm provides tailor-made expertise, mentorship, and direct funding to our early-stage partners to ensure we add value to your mission and reach goals…together.

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