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Professional Sales Consulting

Exaltaret offers transformative professional consulting services for firms and organizations that want to change their sales process. We help clients navigate new changes by taking them through our signature Quadruple D&T process.

Our professional services consultants work with clients to shift thinking from one quarter to the next. We provide hands-on, personalized service and accountability throughout the entire sales cycle, helping our clients in all industries achieve measurable and sustainable results.

Discover Exaltaret’s consulting professional services and how we can develop and implement a sales model for your organization.

What Can Exaltaret Do to Improve Your Professional Sales Process

Extalaret can help you custom-design a professional sales process that works for your equity-backed professional services organization. Our experience in sales and management can help your organization change how it thinks about the sales process.

How Our Quadruple D&T Can Work for Your Sales Growth

Our professional services consultancy can help your organization prioritize sales and business development. Exaltaret’s signature “Quadruple D&T” approach scales your line of business and uncovers data-driven ways to approach your professional sales process. Our method includes the following elements:


Our professional services consultants will work with your management and leadership team to determine which issues your organization is facing and uncover your needs and plans for sales growth. Our consultants can ensure your team’s plan is actionable, realistic, and data-driven.

We will recommend growth areas where your services may benefit and help your team discover high-quality, hard-to-reach prospects to help your organization flourish.


Exaltaret’s consultants will design a plan to address any skill gaps and formulate a strategy to ensure your organization stays competitive now and in the future. We can refer to professional services firms in the same vertical for a workable sales process. Our consultant helps you focus your efforts from ideation to delivery by strategizing, creating, and handling professional service sales and business development efforts.


Exaltaret works with your organization to implement your professional sales process. Our in-house talent can help your team drive new opportunities from introduction to closing with your prospects. We can discuss complex subjects and services in ways your prospects can understand and help generate recurring revenue.


Exaltaret’s data collection, training, and selling process can help you meet your quota and stay on top of market trends. We gather critical data to help keep your sales pipeline going so you can achieve your goals.

We discuss using CRM tools like Salesforce and Hubspot to review your data and create short-term and long-term KPIs. Our consultants may also use historical data from your CRM to identify ways to improve your prospecting and closing your deals.


Developing business development and sales processes requires extensive training and performance management. We help you identify skill gaps with your current team members and help them redefine objectives by assisting them in understanding how to achieve quarterly goals.

Your staff will receive guidance on how to find and satisfy your target market’s high-value decision-makers. We will advise your team on communication with these contacts to generate interest in your line of business.

Achieve Sustainable Sales Growth With Exaltaret

Exaltaret can help your professional services organization develop long-term business relationships with your clients. We use strategic planning, cutting-edge tools, and process training to set the stage for your firm’s long-term sales growth. Our approach serves as a vehicle for our clients to transform their sales operations through best practices and deliver recurring revenue.

We work closely with over 25 clients who partner with us to develop robust sales strategies. Our clients have experienced positive ROIs with their business development efforts and improved their relationships with their clients. As a result of our work, our clients routinely see a reduction of 35% to 40% in their sales churn efficiency.

Contact Exaltaret to Jumpstart Your Sales Process

The team at Exaltaret aligns their sales and management experience and technical knowledge with the overall business goals of professional services organizations. Work with our professional services consultants to redefine what sales look like for your organization with a robust plan.

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